luna_mala Luna is a young, a cross-breed of Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. She was taken from home where she had no chances of getting proper conditions and activity, necessary for this breed to function normally. Kept on a chain and often shut in a pen, Luna became depressed. She used to howl all day long, she didn't want to eat and only wished to die...We taught her how to be happy and live with people, she is also very gentle toward children. Luna is full of energy, she loves people and other dogs. She likes carrying something in her snout all the time. Luna knows how to creep noiselessly like a cat. She can also fetch, give a paw and give a five. Sometimes she can be frisky, but usually she is a good girl. Luna gives the best cuddles in the world. After few months in our TH Luna has found a loving Home, and her OWN PEOPLE.