Temporary Home

dt2 Temporary Home is a kind of charity. Its idea is to provide a home care to pets from the shelters. We welcome all hurt cats and dogs that cannot bear staying in a shelter. With our help they regain confidence in human beings, they learn how to function as part of the family, and live among the children and other animals. They undergo a basic training in order to eliminate their improper behaviour (fear, domination, agression or possessiveness). After several months of rehabilitation our inmates usually find new home and loving owners.

We cooperate with the Malamute Adoption Foundation and our Temporary Home was set up mainly having them in mind. Apart from dogs from the foundation, our Home is also occupied by our own pets.

Our inmates


Freya is a little, bashful Alaskan Malamute female. She came to our TH from a shelter. She was quiet, peaceful and gentle. It quickly became clear, that her state of health requires special attention. (More about FREYA...)



Aika is gorgeous young Alaskan Malamute female. She came to our TH from shelter. She was not sterilized and very emaciated. We put main effort into her health recovery. Fortunately, after a few weeks, the original owners of Aika has found her in the Foundation (her real name is: Boni) and she was able to return to her home.  (More about Aika...)



Nuka is a cross breed: Alaskan Malamut and Siberian Husky bitch. She is tiny and delicate. She is also the most wronged inmate, which has ever leaved in our home.  (More about Nuka...)


luna_mala LUNA

Luna is a young, a cross-breed of Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. She was taken from home where she had no chances of getting proper conditions and activity, necessary for this breed to function normally. Kept on a chain and often shut in a pen, Luna became depressed. She used to howl all day long, she didn't want to eat and only wished to die... (More about Luna...)

inusia_mala INKA

Inka is a young bitch. When she came to our home she was extremely exhausted and undernourished. Inka was emaciated to such an extent that we were afraid she would not survive. (More about Inka...)

Coaching staff
raptor_male szarak_mala nikita_mala
Raptor is an Alaskan Malamute. He has been staying with us since he was a little puppy. Now he is a big, majestic male, who commands respect among other animals and people. Sharak is a Siberian tortoiseshell female cat. She is timid and sensitive. Szarak likes cuddling and stroking. Nikita is a Siberian female cat. She has a tough character and a nature of a pirat.